Friday, September 04, 2015

Are we nearly there yet?

Cat unperturbed by tiger

When Felix the feline was introduced to Neiko, a friend’s pet tiger, he wasn't exactly a scaredy cat.

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Brahman cow makes impressive dive into river

I'm not sure whether this is in India or Sri Lanka.

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Woman allegedly smashed lamp over relative's head after he refused to take drugs with her

A woman from Panama City Beach, Florida, has been arrested for allegedly smashing a lamp over the head of a relative because he would not take illegal drugs with her.

Brittany Nichole Pierce, 19, was arrested on Monday at about 9:15pm on charges of aggravated battery, assault with intent to do violence and battery on an officer, the Panama City Beach Police Department reported.

According to arrest records, Pierce and the victim got into an argument after the victim declined to use drugs with her. She allegedly began breaking items in the victim’s home before allegedly striking the victim on the head with a lamp, leaving a laceration, police reported.

Pierce also allegedly threatened to shoot the victim and had a handgun nearby with one round in the chamber, PCBPD reported. As she was being taken into custody, Pierce allegedly spat in the face of an officer. The officer later had to stop the car en route to the jail because Pierce allegedly began slamming her head against the car’s window.

Man cut off his hand before crashing car

A man from Omaha, Nebraska, is being treated for non-life threatening injuries after cutting off his hand and crashing his vehicle into a bridge.

Police say Quentin Dunaway, 32, stabbed himself several times with a knife before leaving his home on Monday evening in a red Ford Fusion. Officers searched for Dunaway, but were not able to find him.

Local hospitals were alerted to be on the lookout for him if he were to seek medical care. At 7am on Tuesday morning, police were called back to the home after Dunaway had returned. After arriving back at the residence, he completely cut off one of his hands using a knife. He then fled from police again.

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About 45 minutes later, police responded to a crash where a red Ford Fusion had crashed into a bridge. The driver of the vehicle was determined to be Dunaway and he was transported to Nebraska Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Dunaway's hand was recovered back at the residence.

Crossing guard dog 'fired' by school district

Patches the crossing guard dog is no longer allowed out at the crosswalk while his owner Brad Curtis is on duty. Following a news report last week, Jersey Shore Area School District officials told their employee he can no longer have Patches outside at the crosswalk while he's working. The school district wants people to know this decision was made not because of Patches, but because it keeps everyone around the crosswalk safe.

Almost every day, crossing guard Brad Curtis is out with his big red sign and orange safety vest on the corner of Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. But parents also expect to see something else when they reach the intersection. "Patches is missing," said Jersey Shore resident Amy Wampler. "We didn't see him this morning and we wondered why, and now he's not here." "We see the dog every day, every single day for almost two years now," said another resident.

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Curtis works for Jersey Shore Area School District. He usually took his 5-year-old Multipoo with him to work. Lyra Clark could see the dog from her shop. The pooch wore his own stop sign and safety vest. "People come by, even take pictures of him. Everybody likes him. He's a really nice dog." It seems almost everyone loves Patches, but school officials won't let the dog stay at the crosswalk because it's against school policy.

Initial news report.

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Jersey Shore Area School District officials say that employees who monitor the crosswalks didn't previously know about Patches. No one had ever reported the dog to the school. The school district's superintendent said: "We have clear policies in the school district regarding any type of animal during the work day. Yes, he is a cute, adorable pet. The bottom line: there are always unanticipated risks with an animal. Any known distraction needs to be removed." Curtis the crossing guard says he plans to continue his job without Patches.

Giant chrome gnome has gained a little extra

A giant chrome gnome in Australia gained an addition earlier this week.

Pranksters added a foil appendage to the gnome some time on Tuesday night.

The nine-metre high sculpture has been welcoming motorists in Frankston on Melbourne's Peninsula Link freeway since July.

The sculpture is part of the Southern Way McClelland Commission and is one of 14 public artworks to be commissioned for the road over 25 years.

Tests found that two thirds of ham and cheese pizzas contained neither ham or cheese

Two thirds of ham and cheese pizzas tested by trading standards officers in Derbyshire failed to contain ham or cheese, it has been revealed. Derbyshire County Council says its officers visited 15 takeaways across the county between January and March to test ham and cheese pizzas for substitution and salt levels.

Of the samples tested, eight were found to contain a mixture of cheese and cheese substitute rather than 100% cheese, five contained turkey ham instead of ham and one pizza contained salt higher than the recommended amount. The council’s trading standards team is also investigating a supplier who misled a business by claiming they were selling real cheese.

Further tests revealed it was a mixture of cheese and cheese substitute. It is now issuing reminders to food businesses warning them that they could face prosecution under the Food Safety Act if they do not describe food correctly or properly label it for sale. Councillor Dave Allen, cabinet member for health and communities, said: “It’s important that we keep consumers safe from any misleading or false information when it comes to what’s in their food.

“Our trading standards officers regularly take samples from food businesses and as well as having a duty to protect consumers from falsely described food they also have a duty to protect legitimate traders. Mislabelling food and ingredients can be very dangerous – especially for people with allergies to certain products – and we will not shy away from taking formal action against businesses that deliberately break the law.”

Pensioner attacked fellow motorist with pickaxe handle in blue badge parking dispute

A pensioner coshed a man with a pickaxe handle after he was told he shouldn’t park on double yellow lines. David Iredale, 65, ‘thought he could park where he wanted’ because he held a blue disability badge, and so abandoned his Mazda outside a bank. But when labourer David Partington complained he’d been blocked in, Iredale went at him with the weapon, leaving him with a gash to the side of his head. Mercedeh Jabbari, prosecuting, said: “Before he knew it, the defendant was very close to him with what he describes as being a bat.

“It later transpires it was in fact a pickaxe handle. The defendant struck him to the side of his head.” Miss Jabbari told the court how Mr Partington had parked in the car park of Lloyds Bank in Blackpool, before returning to his van to find he had been blocked in. He re-entered the branch and asked who owned the silver Mazda outside, to which Iredale replied: “I will be out in a minute.” Mr Partington waited for Iredale to return to his vehicle, when he shouted to the victim, “I can park where I want, I’ve got a blue badge”. But as Mr Partington informed him this was not the case, Iredale returned to his vehicle and retrieved the pickaxe handle from the boot.

Miss Jabbari told the court how Mr Partington managed to grab the weapon before falling to the floor. A woman witnessed the events and went to help Mr Partington who lay bleeding, and an ambulance that happened to pass by took him to hospital for treatment. Miss Jabbari described Mr Partington as being ‘in a daze’ and said the laceration to his head had to be glued. In a victim impact statement, Mr Partington said he had been left with a visible scar, made more prominent by his lack of hair, and described being now ‘apprehensive about approaching people he does not know’.

David Pojur, defending Iredale, said the incident on May 26 was ‘essentially out of character’. He said his client walks with a stick, after recently having two strokes and having epilepsy. “He has worked all his life and lived with his mother up until her death,” Mr Pojur said. “He cares for his cat and the cat is 27. There’s not much he does except for visit the bank which he did on this day. He regrets the matter could not be sorted out between themselves amicably.” Iredale, of Bispham, Lancashire, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm. Judge Christopher Cornwall handed Iredale a four-month jail term, suspended for 12 months. Iredale was also ordered to pay £1,010 in costs, which includes £500 compensation to be paid to Mr Partington.

Walker rescued after spending over 12 hours trapped in box 1,600ft up mountain

A walker in Cumbria climbed into a mountain rescue team's emergency stretcher box to escape a storm and ended up being locked inside for more than 12 hours. Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team were contacted by another man, who said he had been walking with his son past the box on Sty Head, between Great Gable and Scafell Pike, when they heard a knocking sound and someone shouting: 'Let me out'.

The rescue team has now warned people not to enter the box unless it's essential, to put the equipment back inside and to let the team know. The warning was shared by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, who posted the story on their Facebook page on Monday. The message reads: "Myself & my son were walking past the mountain rescue hut at Styhead on Wednesday 26th August 2015, when we heard a knocking sound.

"I said to my son did he hear that & we both thought we were imaging it as it was extremely windy, however we then heard "let me out". We then realised that the knocking was coming from the box, which you can imagine was very strange & unusual. I then heard another cry of "let me out", after which I spoke to the shelter, "what's going on"? There we started a conversation with someone who was inside the shelter.

"We released the latches & with some uneasiness opened the door to the shelter, when we saw a young man all hunched up inside. He started to get out & informed us that he got caught in a storm the previous night & took refuge in the shelter, only to find that whilst he was asleep someone had locked him in! He had been in there for over twelve hours waiting for someone to come by to let him out. He was ok, just very relieved to get out of the box!! Must admit we did find it very amusing...not your usual every day event! Keep up your good work."

Thursday, September 03, 2015


Dog transports puppy

In a little doggie bag.

YouTube link. LiveLeak link.

Man saved wife, child and slab of barbecue ribs from fire

A Californian man has proudly displayed a slab of barbecue ribs he saved after a fire ripped through an apartment adjacent to his.

After escaping the fire in the Fresno apartment, Robert Wright approached a crew from local news station KMPH Fox 26 and told them of the moment he sprang into action. “The only thing I think first is ‘make sure them ribs is right’ and ran over and got my family man,” Mr Wright said.

He managed to get his wife and children out of the house, along with the ribs, while a woman and child who were in the burning apartment managed to scramble out the window. The blaze broke out at 3am on Tuesday, and Mr Wright was quick to explain why he was barbecuing at such a peculiar time.

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“It was three o’clock in the morning, I was hungry man, I was like put them ribs on there,” he said. The two occupants of the burning apartment were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation, although Mr Wright said he had no need for treatment. “I didn’t get any injuries except for all the smoke in my lungs, but I already had smoke in my lungs so I’m alright,” he said. “I’m gonna enjoy this barbeque and have a good night.”

Dog fell 14 storeys into man's arms

A man from Portland, Oregon, became a dog's best friend after the dog fell 14 storeys from the balcony of a Southwest Portland high-rise. “I just looked out my window at my apartment at the apartment across the street.

“There was a dog that had ended up climbing through the railing on its balcony and it was perched on this little ledge,” recalled Ted Nelson. Nelson said a 5-year-old Bichon Frise named Mordy was all the way up on the 14th floor of the building.

“You could tell it was distressed,” said Nelson. Mordy looked like he was about to fall, so Nelson jumped into action. “I said I might have to try and catch this dog,” Nelson said. He said he ran out and got right under Mordy, just in case. It’s a good thing he did. “Eventually it slipped,” said Nelson.

“I just looked up at it and it was looking at me and it landed right in my chest … caught it for a minute, kind of fell, it did hit the ground. It let out a yelp but it was a huge relief to hear it yelp,” he continued. Afterwards, Nelson and his girlfriend took Mordy to the vet, who said that aside from a couple bruises he's fine. Mordy's owner said that this has been pretty traumatising for the family. He said thank God Ted Nelson was there to catch Mordy.

With news video.

Crowbar-wielding, cross-dressing laundromat robbery suspect appears in court

A 62-year-old man faced a judge Tuesday on charges of trying to rob a laundromat in Covina, California, while dressed as a woman. Charles Durant, of San Jacinto was positively identified by an employee as the robber trying to break into a video game machine inside a laundromat on West Covina Boulevard, Covina police officials said.

Police say the robbery happened on Sunday at about 6:36am. An employee told police she watched a robber use a crowbar to pry open the video game machine on the laundromat’s surveillance system. The robber, who wore a dress and long hair, was initially believed to be a woman. But when the employee confronted the robber, she realised he was a man because the wig fell off.

During a brief struggle to detain the robber, he used the crowbar and struck the employee in the arm, police said. Police say the employee chased the robber out of the laundromat and saw him get into the passenger side of a vehicle. Responding Covina police officers saw the suspect vehicle later that morning and initiated a traffic stop, and found Durant in the passenger seat.

Durant was positively identified by the employee and arrested on suspicion of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, drug-related offenses and three felony warrants, police said. He is being held on $405,000 bail. Gabriel Curiel, 40, of La Puente, the driver of the suspect vehicle, was also charged with robbery and possession of burglary tools.

You can watch surveillance footage of the robbery here.

Man walking down street shot in groin during theft of his potato chips

A man is recovering after being shot in the groin over his potato chips.

He was walking down the street in Detroit when a man walked up and demanded the chips.

The victim refused. That's when the gunman shot the victim. He then ran off with the potato chips.

YouTube link.

The 60-year-old victim was taken to the hospital. He is expected to recover.

Emergency responders smashed car's window to rescue lifelike doll

Authorities in Oakland, California, were surprised when they responded to a report of what appeared to be a baby trapped in a car.

Emergency personnel smashed the car window and forced their way into the vehicle on Monday, only to find a lifelike doll sitting in the car seat, Officer Johnna Watson of the Oakland Police Department said.

"Although this incident did not involve a baby or small child, it was unknown at the time," Watson said. "And first responders' number one priority is to ensure ... safety. Fortunately, it was not a baby or small child."

"We encourage anyone who believes there is a dangerous situation such as this incident to contact emergency personnel so we can make that determination." The police do not know why the doll was in the car seat, Watson added.

With news video.

Indian festival introduces no selfie zone due to stampede fears

A "no selfie zone" will be implemented at a major Hindu festival in India due to fears they could cause stampedes. The ban is being imposed at the Kumbh Mela, a pilgrimage that has attracted nearly three million people since July.

Authorities say that selfies will be banned on the days that people ritually bathe in the sacred Godavari river. Organisers say they conducted a study that showed people took too long taking selfies. This slows down the flow of people, leading to pushing and panic.

Signs saying "no selfie zone" can now be seen around the two festival sites in the state of Maharashtra. The festival takes place every three years. It began in mid-July and runs until late September. The decision was taken after over 100 volunteers conducted a study on behalf of the Kumbhathon group which works with the authorities to help monitor the festival.

"Since 13 July, our volunteers on the field have been collecting data which showed that people stop to take selfies. They also climb to dangerous spots to take selfies," Kumbhathon CEO Sandip Shinde said. Local official Dr Pravin Gedam added that selfies would only be banned during the "days of the holy dip as we don't want to take away from the festive mood on other days".

Seriously shaggy sheep finds shearing saviour

A national shearing champion has been called in by the RSPCA to shear a heavily overgrown sheep found near Canberra, Australia. The animal was found and rescued by RSPCA staff on Wednesday after it was reported by a member of the public. But it is so woolly its life is at risk, as sheep can develop serious medical conditions if they are not regularly shorn.

That prompted calls from the RSPCA for shearers to come forward, and Wednesday afternoon four time Australian Shearing Championship winner Ian Elkins put his hand up for the job. Mr Elkins is based in Canberra and will shear the sheep on Thursday morning. "Ian Elkins was in touch with us just recently, and apparently he has won 110 open shearing competitions, so I think we have our man," RSPCA chief Tammy Ven Dange said.

Originally the RSPCA wanted to shear the animal immediatelly, so they could see if the sheep was injured under its fleece. "It'd be great to get someone here immediately so we can assess any serious medical conditions he might have as a result of this," Ms Ven Dange added. "It can actually make it impossible for them to go to the bathroom ... we don't know how bad the damage could be because this has been building for a while. There are so many things that could go wrong with this, we won't know though until we can properly shear him." Ms Ven Dange said while finding a shearer was good news, the sheep was not out of the woods yet.

"He has obviously not been around people in a very long time, and it's probably going to take a couple of goes before we get it all off him," she said. "He could go into shock during the shearing process tomorrow so we're going to sedate him to try and take some of that pressure off him." She said sheep were often found not shorn because they had lost their herds, but there was the chance the animal had been neglected. "If it was done deliberately, yes, it would be a cruelty case, but in many cases it's not, sometimes it's just a lost sheep, literally," she said. The RSPCA said it was not clear how long the sheep had gone without being shorn.

Update: The sheep has now been shorn. With photos.

Mother unhappy about finding human poo at bottom of log flume

A mother was left disgusted after discovering human faeces besides a swimming pool at a popular water park. Justine Bell visited Wet ‘n’ Wild, in North Shields, as a summer treat for her 10-year-old daughter Millie Doughty before she returned to school. However, just minutes in to the visit, Ms Bell was left sickened as she had to grab Millie to keep her from stepping in human faeces at the foot of one the water park’s popular slides.

She said: “It was just so dirty. I went to pick my daughter up and there at the bottom of the flume was faeces. She nearly stepped in it. It was horrendous. We told a lifeguard and he just stood there grinning.” Ms Bell, of Walkergate, hit out at the lack of urgency from staff and said far from treating the matter as a priority the staff seemed to be “joking around”.

Along with Millie and her partner she left the pool immediately and demanded a refund. A spokesman for the firm said: “We can confirm a customer reported to lifeguards that there was faeces on the floor next to the bottom of one of our flumes. The incident was reported to the supervisor and the faeces promptly cleaned up and the floor area disinfected. There was no indication that this had originated from inside the flume, and faeces was not found in the pool itself.”

Sally Kurton, contract manager at Serco, which runs Wet ‘n’ Wild, added: “The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, especially with so many being families with young children. We are sorry that on this occasion a customer felt we fell short of these high standards. We have already provided her with a full refund as a gesture of goodwill and would like to offer her family free entry on their next visit.” Ms Bell added she is in no rush for a return visit.