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Bee pulls nail out of brick wall

I imagine this is a carpenter bee.

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Road rage incident led to man being transported on bonnet of car

Witnesses say a road rage incident in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on Tuesday could have been a lot worse after a man was seen clinging to the hood of a car that was speeding down the road.

Witnesses said a man got out of a black sedan and jumped onto the hood of a white car after getting into an argument with the driver of a Volkswagen. The driver of the car then hit the accelerator.

They then cut up another driver to pull a U-turn from a middle lane, all with the man clinging to the hood. "It's crazy. I've never seen anything like it," Sebastian Roldan said. "Someone on top of the car just rolling, that's crazy."

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The car sped away, turning into traffic from the middle lane and barely avoiding a collision with a black sedan. The white car continued with the man still on the hood. It eventually came to a stop and the man got off the hood, apparently uninjured. "They're both not very smart," Alex Rimart said. Police were notified about the incident and are investigating.

Man in trouble after asking police to help him find his lost marijuana

A man from Alliance, Ohio, who police say was drunk, told them he lost his marijuana.

An officer was filming with his body cam. Dennis Wagner, 42, was arrested following the incident on Wednesday.

Concerned a child would locate the drug, police helped him look and found the marijuana on Wagner’s lawn.

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Wagner was charged with possession and issued with a ticket and a summons to appear in court.

Wedding cancelled due to shortage of ice cream

Shortage of ice-cream at a marriage function in Uttar Pradesh, India, led to a heated argument between the families of the bride and the groom and resulted in brick-throwing in which three police personnel were injured.

The wedding was ultimately called off after. "The incident took place last evening in Mahesh Nagar colony in Mathura, when after the 'Jaimaala ceremony' the host and few members from the groom side entered into heated argument over the shortage of ice-cream," police said.

"It finally led to a clash between the two families," Superintendent of Police (Rural) Arun Kumar Singh said. The groom's family then called the police, and based on their complaint, seven persons from the bride's side were arrested, he said. "Angry over police action, members from the bride's side, including women, started pelting stones at police.

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"They also blocked the road," Mr Singh said, adding that one constable and two sub-inspectors were injured in the brick-throwing. "Also, police had to use force to clear blockade on Raya-Sadabad road," he added. First Information Reports were lodged by both the sides. Following the incident, members from the groom's side and groom returned without taking his bride.

Hedgehog rescued after becoming stuck in cattle grid

A hedgehog found himself in a spot of bother after becoming trapped in a cattle grid. The RSPCA were called out after the spiky creature became stuck in Swansea, Wales. Animal collection officer (ACO) Ellie West attended Applegrove, in Reynoldston, and found the hedgehog had become jammed in a tight hole. She said: “He had got himself into quite a predicament.

“When I arrived I tried to pull him backwards by getting my hand around his waist but because of his spines catching on the sides and the top of the hole I couldn’t move him at all. I tried pushing him through from the other side with a padded pole but again just couldn’t move him. As I was looking into the grid I found a hog skull along with some other bones, which I assume were those of another trapped hog that had come to a horrible death.”

After using a ruler to push through above the hedgehog to try and push the spines down ACO West were able to free the creature. The hedgehog was taken to Gower Bird Hospital where they gave him fluid by injection under the skin to get him rehydrated. The creature was given a few days rest with food and water until it was released on Tuesday following a clean bill of health. ACO West said: “The hedgehog has been marked so if found again he can be identified and this would not affect the hedgehog in the wild.

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“We would advise that it is always worth checking cattle grids in your area in case there is any wildlife that has been trapped in them. It’s not unusual for animals to get stuck in cattle grids and some grids have ramps in them to allow an animal to climb back out. This grid in question had a ramp at one end but the hog had fallen down at the opposite end and had to make its way through it to be able to free himself.”

Sad dog dumped on London bus

A bus depot worker has appealed for someone to give a new home to a dog abandoned on a London bus. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was found sitting alone by the driver of the 158 to Stratford on Thursday night.

The bus was taken out of service to the Stagecoach garage in West Ham, but the dog refused to get off. Staff fed and kept him warm until he could be collected by Newham Council's animal welfare team on Friday morning.

Bus depot worker Ricky Hatton said: "When I arrived at around 6.30am he'd been there all night. Very scared, but not aggressive. I gave him food, water and my bodywarmer. I nicknamed him Bus-ter. (He) seemed in shock. I'm hoping he's found a new loving home."

Bus driver Amos Paul Mak said that he wanted to take the dog home but it was against regulations "in case he bites". A Newham Council spokesperson said: "This dog is currently being looked after by our animal welfare team while we try to locate its owner. If anyone recognises this dog, please contact us."

Litter bin to be repainted

A litter bin outside Boots in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, is to be repainted.

The work will be carried out by town council staff when the weather permits.

Council uprooted and replaced replacement trees after planting the wrong species

A row of crab apple trees planted in a Worcestershire town have been uprooted after it was found the wrong species had been planted. Eighteen trees in Broad Street, Pershore, were felled in March due safety fears, despite attempts by campaigners to save them. The council planted replacement trees, but has pulled them up after admitting it had used the wrong species.

Campaigner Shirley Agg said the whole thing had been a "farce". The trees have now been replaced once again. The original trees, known as the London planes, were planted in the street in 2002, but the roots began to raise paving. Worcestershire County Council said it was dealing with several claims from pedestrians who had tripped and deemed them a health and safety hazard.

But Mrs Agg said: "It is really farcical. The planes made a beautiful avenue of trees." She added that she was concerned the latest crab apple trees had been "planted too quickly", and claimed some of the original planes' roots had not been properly removed. The council said a variety of crab apple tree called Red Sentinel had been mistakenly planted due to a "supplier error", and had been replaced at the supplier's cost.

The mistake was noticed by a member of council staff once the trees started to bud. "The issue is around the amount of fruit and how much of a problem it could make for pedestrians," a council spokesman said. "The correct variety is Malus Tribata, which, as a native of much hotter climates, will only bear fruit here during a very hot summer, reducing the chance of fruit falling on the pavements, and lessening the chance of creating slip hazards."

Cheese maker banned from ever making cheese again after producing potentially lethal products

A cheese maker who sold products containing potentially lethal bacteria at farmers markets across London has been banned from producing the food. Frances Wood, 70, traded as Alham Wood Cheeses supplying mozzarella and white cheeses to pizzerias and markets.

Tests found her products contained listeria, salmonella and E. coli. Mrs Wood, of West Cranmore, Somerset admitted breaching food safety regulations, was fined £787 and ordered to pay £5,000 in costs. She pleaded guilty at Yeovil Magistrates Court on 20 April to two offences under the 2013 Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations.

When sampled by independent approved laboratories, her products consistently showed the presence of harmful bacteria, notably listeria, which kills approximately a third of those infected. The Food Standards Agency has labelled listeria as "one of the most lethal of all food pathogens". District Judge Rose imposed a Hygiene Prohibition Notice, preventing Mrs Wood from working with cheese in the future, and described her business a "shoddy" and "rather amateurish" operation.

He said she had been "taking risks when she shouldn't have" and stated that cheese was "a high-risk product and therefore higher standards of diligence were required". Corporate manager at Mendip District Council, Stuart Cave, said he was "delighted" with the court's decision. "Despite repeated attempts by the council's environmental health officers to work with Mrs Wood to ensure she produced a good quality, safe product, she continued to produce cheeses which posed a danger to public health," added Mr Cave.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's the weekend

Dog wonders if they're nearly there yet

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Couple charged after gun pulled during boneless chicken wing order mix-up

A couple from Wilmington, North Carolina, are facing criminal charges after a woman showed a gun at the FU Wangz restaurant over a wrong order of chicken wings.

Clarissa Gagum, 24, and her husband, Rasheem Gagum, 24, were both arrested on Thursday after Clarissa became upset that her order of chicken wings was wrong and pulled out a gun inside the restaurant.

Linda Rawley, spokesperson for the WPD, said Clarissa walked into the restaurant and ordered bone-in chicken wings, but received boneless wings. Clarissa reportedly began to argue with the clerk, then grabbed a gun from her car and went back inside the restaurant waving it around.

Police were called to the scene and found Clarissa on the sidewalk outside the restaurant still holding the gun. Clarissa was charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun and injury to personal property and was held under a $30,000 bond. Rasheem was charged with resisting arrest and was under a $500 bond. Both bonded out at around 9pm on Thursday.

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Message in a bottle contains a man's ashes, $25 and an invitation to buy a stiff drink

A man from Cape Breton in in Nova Scotia, Canada, has discovered a memorable message in a bottle with a unique twist. Norman MacDonald was walking along West Mabou Beach on Cape Breton Island on Wednesday, when he stumbled upon the Sauza tequila bottle. “I thought it was sand from another beach (inside the bottle), so I was gonna toss it,” says MacDonald. He's glad he didn't, because what he discovered was actually a man’s ashes, a hand-written note about the man, penned by his daughter, $25 in cash and an invitation to buy a stiff drink.

The message tells the story of Gary Robert Dupuis who was born in 1954, a spirited man whose go-to drink was a shot of tequila (“straight up, no groceries”) and who never quite achieved his dream of travelling the world. The message in a bottle aims to ferry his remains across the globe on the goodwill of strangers, one tequila shot at a time. Those who find the bottle are invited to write where they found it and where it was released on the back of the note before releasing it back in the ocean. “Gary lived a very fast and reckless life in his younger years, but slowed down and dreamed of travelling the world in his golden years,” the note reads.

“If you find him, please take this money, buy yourself and Gary a drink and release him back into the ocean. My wish is that he gets his dream of seeing the world and finally finds some peace. We love you Dad, have a great trip.” While the bottle was found on West Mabou Beach, there is no telling where it came from. The letter writer didn’t leave a name, or a hometown. Dupuis is a French-Canadian name and MacDonald hypothesizes that the bottle could have found its way to Cape Breton from New Brunswick. “I've picked up stuff from New Brunswick before,” he says.

As they try to solve the mystery, MacDonald and his wife say discovering the bottle makes them feel like they are part of the man's journey. “I hope it goes a long way, I hope it does go around the world,” says Carol MacDonald, Norman’s wife. “You find him and you're certainly gonna spend the money on a drink,” says MacDonald. “I was saying, ‘I'll take him up to the dance Saturday night and put him on the table.’” After toasting the friend he never met, MacDonald says he plans to fulfill the letter writer's wish and release the bottle back out to sea.

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Baby echidna recovering after being attacked by chickens

A baby echidna has found a new home at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, after it was attacked by chickens in a family backyard in Newcastle, New South Wales.

The young echidna, or ‘puggle’, arrived at the zoo in early April, after escaping the attack with only scratches on its belly and hind legs. Taronga Wildlife Hospital supervisor Annabelle Sehlmeier has taken on the role of primary carer for the four-month-old creature, which has been named Bonsai for its minute size.

Bonsai is fed a special milk mixture from the palm of Ms Sehlmeier’s hand, meant to mimic the patches echidnas have on their abdomens, which excrete milk to their young. “My palm is the closest thing I’ve got to an echidna belly and it works quite well,” Ms Sehlmeier said.

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Bonsai has been particularly ravenous since his attack, lapping up all that Ms Sehlmeier has to offer. “Normally a baby echidna would feed every 3-5 days when its mum returns to the burrow, but this little one wants to feed every day,” she said. “I guess it’s making up for lost time.” The puggle will remain with its temporary mother before learning to feed itself on a special diet.

Serial flasher claimed he was just rearranging his swollen testicle

A musician from Aberystwyth, west Wales, is facing jail after being found guilty of exposing his genitals to young female students at a town clothing store. Maximilien Kelly, 25, claimed the need to "readjust" a testicle swollen to the size of an avocado by a rare medical condition was to blame for inadvertently exposing himself to shoppers at Matalan.

But the well-spoken and well-turned out Kelly, dressed in a smart suit and tie for his trial, was unmasked as a serial flasher after the Swansea Crown Court jury’s unanimous guilty verdict. The jury then heard Kelly had already been caught flashing his genitals at strangers from the window of his home in Aberystwyth six times.

He was given a total of 26 weeks suspended jail time, all still active, by magistrates in his home town last year for the half-dozen earlier offences, the court heard.Kelly used a laser pen to attract the attention of people at night then flashed his genitals from a window at his home. The guitarist suffers from a rare medical condition called hydrocele which he claimed during his trial had made his testicles swell up to four times their normal size. One the size of an avocado.

He flashed three young girls aged from 18 to 22 at Aberystwyth’s Matalan store in Park Avenue back on 30 September, just yards from his own address in the same street. But the jury took just three hours to find him guilty of two counts of intentionally exposing his genitals, despite claiming it had been inadvertently as he "readjusted himself." Judge Peter Heywood, adjourning for sentencing, warned: "In all probability you will be receiving a custodial sentence." Kelly was released on bail until sentencing next month and banned from entering Matalan in the meantime.

Duckling reunited with it's family after being rescued from drain by firefighters

Firefighters helped reunite a baby duckling with its family in a dramatic drain rescue.

A passer-by in Queen Street, Droitwich, spotted it down the drain and alerted crews from Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.

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They removed the grille and brought the bemused bird to the surface in the operation on Wednesday.

The little creature was then placed in box by a burly firefighter and carried to a nearby river to join its mother and siblings. The duckling was clearly delighted to be there, swimming across the water at great speed.

Woman surprised when her dog's face appeared in stain on stable wall

A woman rushed home to check her dog was okay after she saw a likeness of his face in a stain on a stable wall. Lynnie Wason saw the apparition when she was tending her horses near her home in Uplyme, near Lyme Regis on the Devon/Dorset border.

She spotted a new stain on the wall and was shocked to see it looked exactly like her beloved pet dog Dexter. She was so shocked that she rushed home to make sure Dexter the Husky was alright. Lynnie said: "When I saw it, I was stunned. I thought that's really weird.

"It was creepy, but luckily Dexter was fine and still in the back garden when I got home. He's a good dog, a really good boy. People said that is definitely Dexter - and it is such a bizarre thing to happen." Lynnie later showed pictures of the stain to friends and family, most of whom agreed it was exact-ringer for Dexter.

Lynnie's friend Clive Griffin, 68, said: "I got a call from my missus and popped round to have a look. It was really spooky, especially in an unlit stable. It looked so much like Dexter it was unbelievable. It startled her because it resembled Dexter, so much so she had to go home to double check that he was okay."

School bans 'abusive' swearing parents from entering without a pre-booked appointment

A school has banned parents from entering the premises without an appointment after staff were subjected to verbal abuse. Ebbsfleet Academy, in Kent, said the measure came after a minority had been "violent and abusive".

One mother's four-letter outburst, in which she can be heard shouting and swearing, was recorded in the school's reception area. Principal Alison Colwell said some parents had been banned for the safety and wellbeing of students. Some of the behaviour was the worst she had seen in her 25-year career, she said.

"The students don't deserve to witness that, to hear that. My staff don't deserve to be subject to that. All of the people that work here are totally committed. As part of your working life to have to take that level of abuse is just unacceptable." The school said threats of violence had also been made, but did not reveal further details.

Ms Colwell said all staff could be contacted directly by email and she was always prepared to meet any parent with an appointment to discuss their child's education. She added: "The problem is with a small number - parents coming in angry, aggressive, demanding to see a member of staff at a certain time, which clearly isn't practical or workable or what would happen in any other organisation."

With short censored video featuring a very sweary mother.

Man fined for calling former girlfriend's new partner a fat-bellied codhead

A pest controller found himself under arrest after he sent a rude message to his former girlfriend about her new boyfriend.

Mark Seddon referred to the new partner as a “fat bellied codhead” when he posted the message via What’s App to his ex.

Seddon, 48, of Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to sending a grossly offensive electronic message. At Blackpool Magistrates’ Court he was fined £500 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £50 victims’ surcharge.

He was also put on a two year restraining order which banned him from contacting the complainant. John McLaren, defending, said the breakdown between the couple had not been smooth. During the relationship Seddon said he had been paying back money his girlfriend owed her mother. He said he was sorry he had done it.