Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot dog

Happy pigs have fun with mud slide

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Three wheels are sufficient

Filmed last week in Houston, Texas.

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Bear left with a sore head after tree rescue didn't go quite as planned

A large black bear had a less than gentle landing after it was shot out of a tree using a tranquilliser gun.

Animal welfare officials were waiting at the bottom of the tree in Panama City, Florida, with a large tarpaulin to catch the animal.

But the 113kg (250lb) beast ripped straight through it as it fell from the tree, hitting the floor with real force.

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Luckily for the animal it was unhurt - and luckily for the rescuers the bear stayed asleep. Wildlife officials later released the bear at Apalachicola National Forest.

Dog left at a loss after removal of fountain

Sunshine the Golden Retriever has been taken to the fountain at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Australia, by her owner Neville Harris every week for the past eleven years.

She has become a regular attraction with shoppers, old and young alike.

Last week the fountain was removed as part of the mall's renovation. It is to be refubished and returned later this year

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Until then Sunshine will be left at a loss, unable to visit her favourite spot.

Judge tells 'insensitive' father in custody dispute not to type emails to his children in capital letters

An "insensitive" father banned by the courts from seeing his children has been warned by a judge not to type his emails to them in capital letters - because it looks like he is shouting. The Israeli father was fighting in the High Court in London  for direct contact with the boy and girl, aged 13 and nine, after a collapse in their family relationship.

His marriage to their mother had broken down and a protracted legal battle has seen them moved back and forth between England and Israel. Mrs Justice Pauffley said attempts at contact in the UK had proved "nothing short of disastrous", with the girl distraught throughout one session.

And the police had become involved when the father tried to take the children outside during a supervised meet-up at a rabbi's home. The children also felt that their father's emails to them - written sometimes exclusively in capitals and others in large fonts - were "equivalent to him shouting".

The judge said the emails were an example of the father's "insensitivity" and that a family assistance officer should help him write more "suitable" communications. "He needs help to make his messages appropriate and child friendly," said the judge. "There's nothing worse than an email suggestive that the sender is shouting at you." She said the family now needed to try to restore a relationship between the children and their father "at a distance".

Council remove fish from canal to stop anglers

More than 1,098kg (2,421lb) of fish have been removed from the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal in Swindon in a bid to stop illegal fishing. Swindon Borough Council said it had received complaints about poaching but, without the resources for regular patrols, decided to remove the fish.

Contractors spent three days removing bream, carp, perch, roach and rudd from a half-mile stretch near Kingshill. The fish will be used to re-stock other lakes in the county. The Kingshill to Rushley Platt section of the Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal is owned by the borough council. A spokesman for the authority said removing fish from the entire length of the canal was the best way of tackling the problem of poaching.

"We've had several complaints about illegal fishing even though there have been signs put up there for several years," he said. "But we have had to wait for suitable conditions to remove the fish, which is why the work is being carried out now by specialist contractors." A spokesman for the Environment Agency said it was :"Absolutely committed to eliminating illegal fishing. We will have no hesitation in prosecuting those who commit fish crime to the fullest extent of the law," he said.

But the move has not gone down well with everyone. Dog walker Paul Scarr said he was furious the wildlife in the area was being moved. “I’m disgusted,” the 64-year-old said. “I was walking my dog along there and saw them with nets taking the fish out. They had a flatbed truck and they were putting them all in big tanks. I asked them what they were doing and they said it’s because the council don’t have the resources to police it. They’ve destroyed the eco-system down there and now the water is horrible. I just don’t think it’s right.”

North Korean officials visited London hairdresser to complain about window poster of Kim Jong-un

Seeking an suitable image to promote a special offer, a hairdressers in west London attracted more than just extra customers when it used a large poster of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, in its window.

When M&M Hair Academy in south Ealing put up the 1-metre-by-1.2-metre poster featuring Kim's distinctive short back and sides with longer centre parting and the words "Bad hair day?", they received a visit from disgruntled North Korean officials. Unbeknown to the salon's owner, Mo Nabbach, 51, the North Korean embassy is just 10-minute stroll away, inside a modest semi-detached house in Gunnersbury.

"The day after it went up two Asian-looking guys wearing suits turned up. One was taking pictures and the other taking notes," said Nabbach. "I said to my client at the time, 'I think they are North Korean officials.' Then they came in. They asked: 'Who put that picture up?' I said I did. He said the pair told him the poster was disrespectful and must come down. They said: 'That is a country's national leader.' I explained to them we often used pictures of celebrities, Lady Diana, Victoria Beckham.

"I told them: 'Listen, this is not North Korea. This is England.' They asked for my name and I told them they would have to get their solicitors for that." Nabbach said he asked them to leave, and later reported the incident to his local police station. The two did not identify themselves as being from the North Korean embassy, he said. But a Metropolitan police spokesman said: "I can confirm that the North Korean embassy have contacted us and that we are in liaison with them. Officers spoke to all parties. No offences have been disclosed."

Nightclubbers warned about the effects of laxative drinks after merde on the dance floor

Horrified clubbers looked on as a man reportedly dropped his trousers and defecated on the dance floor of a club in Maidstone, Kent. Police were called to The Source Bar at around 1am on Sunday to reports of a man needing assistance.

According to revellers, he relieved himself on the dance floor a couple of metres away from the toilets. He was passed on to volunteers at the Urban Blue Bus, who cleaned him up before arranging for him to be collected.

Now founder Paul Alcock is warning clubbers about the effects of drinking laxative drinks on nights out. He said: "We tidied the guy up and got him home. He was totally out of it - I don't think he knew what he was doing. The problem is people are drinking laxatives like Red Bull and don't realise what they are.

"This is not the first time we have had to deal with something like this. Around a month ago, we looked after a woman who had soiled herself while partying at a different nightclub. It is one of the unfortunate things our volunteers have to deal with." The man was not charged by police, but further action may be taken.

Transgender woman 'gutted' after lodger stole her lingerie

A retired transgender security guard from Thamesmead, South East London has been left "gutted" after her lodger made off with three of her corsets. Roxanne Yeatman, who lives in a bedsit, says she let the 44-year-old alcoholic stay for a week so she could escape her abusive, drug-taking boyfriend. But the woman allegedly repaid this generosity by making off with four black suspender belts and three corsets, leaving her with just one.

Roxanne, 65, said: "It’s left me gutted. I help somebody out and they go and do this to me. If she’d asked for them I’d have given them to her but she didn’t - she stole them. What gets me is she said she never wears suspender belts or things like that so why did she take them? The corsets were all brand new, all black and I’d only worn one of them. One of them she took was a nice all-in-one with flowers on it."

Roxanne shared her fold-out bed with the thief for a week but says she feels no animosity towards her and just wants her clothes back. Roxanne, a former Army Gunner in the Royal Artillery who used to be known as Doug, added: "I was born in the wrong body. I was married 21 years then I thought the grass was greener on the other side. It wasn't bad for that time but something went wrong and then I thought I will be what I want to be now." Roxanne, who has four daughters aged 41, 40, 39 and 25, claims police did not take the incident seriously when she reported it.

She said: "According to the sergeant, they can’t nick her because nobody saw what happened." Roxanne is hoping to have  have full sexual reassignment surgery done on the NHS later this year and says she will be "very relieved" when it's done. She said: "My family haven't got anything bad to say about it, it's down to me. They don't mind and it's nothing to do with them really. My middle daughter says 'it's down to you Dad - it's your life and your body'." The Metroplitan police have confirmed they are investigating an allegation of theft. No arrests have been made.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bat companion

Barking sleeve

A dachshund that managed to find itself stuck in the sleeve of a coat says hello.

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Penguin dance craze waddles throughout Saudi Arabia

The “penguin dance,” or “raqsat al-batriq” in Arabic, has become a phenomenon in Saudi Arabia as residents discover the thrill of a little sidekick-sidekick bunny-hop.

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Man bitten by poisonous snake while trying to get a better look at an alligator

A Florida man was bitten by a snake on Saturday night when he and his girlfriend pulled over on the side of Alligator Alley to look at an alligator.

The man, 29, pulled over his car on the road just after 7pm when he and his girlfriend thought they saw an alligator, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles said.

They got out of the car to get a better view of the alligator, but the man unknowingly had stepped on a water moccasin that was on the side of the road. The snake bit him in the foot, Jachles said. The couple snapped a picture of the snake.

Though officials initially suspected it was a pit viper, they later determined it was a water moccasin. First responders treated him on the scene and he was airlifted to the Cleveland Clinic in Weston for further care. Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue's Venom Response Team assisted Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue. The man is in stable condition.

Sneaky bib-wearing substitute ran onto pitch to make goal-saving header

In the football match between Nassaji Mazandaran and Shahrdari Yasuj in the Azadegan League in Iran last week, after a Mazandaran striker stole possession, rounded the Yasuj goalkeeper and looked set to score, a Yasuj substitute who was warming up behind his team’s goal, ran onto the pitch and proceeded to make an impressive goal line header to deny the hosts from scoring.

The referee sent off the Yasuj substitute, awarding Mazandaran an indirect free-kick from which they failed to score. Mazandaran eventually won 2-0.

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Vegetarian monk apologises for shoplifting beef jerky

A Buddhist monk in Nantou County, Taiwan, apologised for disregarding the Buddhist tradition of strict adherence to vegetarianism when he was reportedly caught shoplifting packets of beef jerky at a convenience store last week. After his arrest on shoplifting charges, the 60-year-old reportedly said: “It was the covetous desire inside me, I am very sorry, I have let Lord Buddha down. I don’t know why, but lately I had this craving for meat,” when questioned by police.

In Taiwanese Buddhism, monks and nuns must strictly avoid killing creatures and eating meat. They must also remain celibate and refrain from consuming alcohol or other intoxicants. According to a police statement, the suspect had visited several monasteries around Taiwan, and in recent months, he took up residence at a Zen Buddhist temple in Nantou. The police expressed surprise at discovering that the shoplifting suspect had been educated abroad, obtained a master’s degree at a US university and also holds the position of “master” in Buddhist temples. In total, he is said to have shoplifted spiced beef jerky three times from a convenience store near the temple.

The store alleged last month that the monk had taken beef jerky that sells at NT$60 a packet. The monk, wearing his cassock, reportedly returned a week later. A store employee said that when they took the inventory that night, they found that spiced beef jerky packets were missing. A scan of the in-store surveillance camera footage showed the monk took the beef jerky and ate it while seated inside the store, store representatives said. Last week, the monk visited again and the store surveillance camera reportedly caught him pocketing the same brand of spiced beef jerky. Before he walked out, the local police were called.

The monk at first denied having done anything wrong, saying: “I came to the store to buy things, why should I be searched?” After the store produced the videotape evidence, police said the monk became “flustered” and tried to explain, saying: “I was careless and forgot to pay. I would like to make reparations and pay the store.” The police said they arrested the monk on a charge of theft. A spokesperson for the Religion Trade Union of Nantou County said the case should be a lesson for all monks, as the requirement of abstinence from eating meat had been violated and that stealing things is an indictable crime. He said the first Buddhist precept is “no killing,” requiring monks and nuns to practice vegetarianism to reduce the suffering of living creatures.

Glow-in-the-dark road markings make debut in Holland

Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced street lights on a 500m stretch of highway in Holland.

The project is the brainchild of designer Daan Roosegaarde and his design studio.

The road markings on the N329 highway in Oss were done by road construction company Heijmans who put photo-luminescent powder into their paint.

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The road markings, which currently only consists of three strips of what has been called "radioactive green", last for 8 hours after a full day's charging.

Fridges from New Zealand invade Australian shores

A clean-up operation is needed after a shipping container carrying refrigerators from New Zealand ended up on a popular Australian beach.

The Krogh family of five were taking an early morning walk along Shelly Beach, on New South Wales' central coast, on Monday when they first noticed the container and then its contents trapped in the sand. "Normally we see dolphins when we go for a walk, but this morning it was fridges," Debbie Krogh said.

Huge swells from a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea are believed to have pushed the container, almost certainly lost off a ship, towards the beach. The waves ripped open the container, allowing the new Fisher & Paykel fridges to float into the sea. Seven fridges were found on the beach.

It is unclear how many had been in the container. Wyong Shire Council released a statement warning beachgoers that the fridges could present a danger. The statement said the council had fenced off the area as it liaises with authorities about how the fridges and container could be removed.

Train graffiti vandals sent packing by passengers

Youths who attacked a slow-moving train in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday were given a taste of their own medicine as passengers fought back, hurling objects and insults at the vandals.

Three of the masked  vandals jumped out of bushes and spraying the final Hitachi service with graffiti as it came to a standstill near Essendon train station.

Contains very NSFW language.

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The trip was not a regular Metro train service, but a special charter train filled with train enthusiasts celebrating the final run of the old Hitachi model. It is believed the teenagers were alerted to the train's stopping point by some passengers inside. But other commuters were less than impressed with the youths' actions, yelling colourful insults and pouring water over their heads.

One passenger said that the vandals had "more than one accomplice on board", and were phoning each other to give "a progress report". The passenger said the youths "jammed a brick under a train stop to halt it, pulled an air hose at the back to disable the train, then set to work. I applaud the actions of my fellow passengers."

Mutant super-rats the size of cats and immune to poison invade Liverpool

Mutant super-rats which are immune to poison are making their home in Liverpool. Pest controllers working in the city say some disease-carrying rodents are the size of small cats and are becoming resistant to the bait used to kill them.

Sean Whelan, of Whelan Pest Prevention, said: “All around Merseyside there’s been a problem. We’re seeing bigger rats in Liverpool. They’re super-rats in my opinion.” Rat-catchers say the rodents are gorging themselves on food left in bins near take-away, restaurants and houses.

Sean added: “Access to food is so easy for them. They’re like humans, they eat and eat and get bigger and bigger.” Neil Trimnell, who runs Liverpool-based Pestforce, said: “They do seem to be getting bigger over the last 18 months. They’re eating more food and different types of food, particularly fast food waste.”

In the 1960s and 70s rat poison was based on blood-thinning drug warfarin. Now rat-catchers use a rodent killer made from bromadiolone but Sean says neither of these are working on some rats. Pest controllers are now looking at using stronger types of poison which would require the permission of the Health and Safety Executive.